The purpose of The Generosity Project is to provide financial aid to an individual who is in need on an urgent basis. The Generosity Project fund may not be applicable for cases which need long-term financial support. The church has the right to adjust or to disapprove an applicant’s request and may consider aiding other than monetary help.

Applicants are not granted financial assistance based on relationships between church leaders or being a significant church contributor. The church does not discriminate between applicants based upon race, color, sex, national origin, age, geographic territory, or disability. The Generosity Project Team may provide short-term (or emergency) assistance to ensure that an applicant has the basic necessities such as food, housing, transportation, and medical assistance (including counseling).

The preferred method of providing assistance to pay for the applicant’s need directly to the business provider. Assistance may also be provided in the form of goods or services. The type of aid that is appropriate depends on the individual’s needs and available resources.


Need must be related to a short-term financial crisis (medical emergency, accidents, loss of job, etc.)


  • Legal fees related to family disputes
  • Long term and repetitive expenses


  • Complete and submit the Request Form.
  • A team member will contact an applicant regarding the request.
  • The team member will submit the form to The Generosity Project Team for approval (note: typically, this will happen during the monthly meeting but can happen via email if it is an emergency).
  • The project team will approve or deny the request or ask for additional information.
  • If approved, the check will be distributed.
  • A team member may follow up with the recipient and give an update at the next Deacon’s meeting.


At the discretion of the project team, you may be requested (if married, both husband and wife) to do one or more of the following:

  • Provide documentation regarding your income, personal bank accounts, and expenses
  • Participate in financial counseling
  • Take a class on financial management